no6_getanalarmsystem3Helpful and Important Information Regarding Your System

Remote Control Options
You have the ability to control your system remotely through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Please call us at 410-659-6900 or e-mail us at to get details on remote control options.

Testing Your System
Most manufactures recommend that you test your system on weekly basis. Here are the procedures to properly test your system: (1) Call the central station at 1-800-286-5699 and give your name, address and password and or central station account number to the operator. Advise them that you would like to test your system for one hour (or longer). (2) Arm your system. Open a secured zone (i.e. a window) that will allow the siren to sound for at least thirty seconds. (3) Disarm your system and reset your system. (4) Call the central station back to verify the alarm signal received and remove your account from test.

Insurance Certificates
Most insurance companies will issue a discount on your homeowners insurance for having a monitored alarm system. You may receive additional discounts with the monitoring of fire alarms, water sensors and other devices connected to the monitoring service of the alarm system. Please contact us with your insurance company information (e-mail or fax number and phone number) so we may issue you an insurance certificate.

Preventing False Alarms
Many of the alarm activations are false and due to operator error. If this happens be sure to have your password ready to give the central station operator. FOR YOUR PROTECTION ALL PASSWORDS MUST BE AN EXACT MATCH. We strive to prevent false alarms by customers having proper passwords when the central station operators call back to the premise. Always update us with any changes to telephone numbers and notification list.

System Registration
Many jurisdictions in Maryland require a registration form to be completed for every business and or homeowner who has a security system installed. Fines may be imposed by the city or county police departments for failing to register your alarm system. Make sure your system is registered and updated with the latest information as required by your jurisdiction.

Telephone Line Changes
As our ever changing world of technology progresses, we have the comfort of many options for our communication needs today. Some have strayed away from the traditional telephone line that has been around for decades, for other options such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), cable, cellular and GSM. The suggested method of communication today is GSM/cellular. Whichever option you choose you must consider the effects it may have on your security system. In many cases when changing to a cable provider, the alarm system may not be reconnected or not reconnected properly to assure the performance of the security system. We recommend that if you have any telephone work done of any kind that you call Argus Security, Inc. to schedule a check and test of the system.

Updates & Invoices via E-mail
We can now e-mail your invoice! Please send your request via e-mail to with your name, address & e-mail address you would like to receive your invoice. Please send us your e-mail to be updated with important information & latest changes. Also, you can e-mail us with any updates or changes to your account and or emergency contact list.